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About SIMS Portal

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About SIMS Portal

Today's education scenario is rapidly changing and demanding. The system demands greater levels of communication between college, student and faculty members to have optimum use of resources. SIMS Portal establishes communication among Parents, students and Teacher to achieve the objective.

Teacher’s Involvement in SIMS Portal

Teachers will post following information:
1) Home work, Assignment, Project and Class Tests
2) Lesson Plans
3) Student Conducts (Disciplinary & curricular)
4) General Remarks about student
5) Remarks on Grade Report
6) Feedback to Principal/Management
Teachers can view their relevant (class & section) student’s record:
1) Student Attendance
2) Student DMC
3) Student conducts
4) Posts received in his/her inbox.
Teachers will also get posts (from Admin) in their inbox about:
1) Circulars
2) News
3) SMS alerts
4) Tasks

Parents/students Involvement in SIMS Portal

They can only view information about:
1) Posts in their inbox
2) Attendance
3) DMC
4) Download Fee Challans
5) Fee Statement
6) Home work, Assignment, Project and Class Tests posted by teacher
7) Conducts and teacher remarks
8) Get SMS alerts.
9) Gets posts from Admin (News etc.)

Principal/Management Involvement in SIMS Portal

1) Response to Teacher’s Feedback
2) View Homework/class test/assignments posted by teachers
3) View Lesson plan/course coverage
4) Principal Dashboard – inbox & summary
5) Student daily attendance class wise summary
6) Faculty daily attendance detail & summary